About Paul Roggeman Veteran Land Surveyor

Land surveying is serious business.

I’m a NYS  licensed, professional land surveyor with more than 30 years of experience. It’s the one thing in life I’ve always loved to do, even as  a boy of 11 when I worked with a surveyor.

Land surveyors are detectives of a sort. We must gather all the legal and physical evidence available to solve what sometimes can appear to be a mystery on the surface. Through the careful and the sometimes tedious process of gathering the facts and evidence, the mystery can be solved. 

Each property presents its own personality and has its own challenges. These challenges include, but are not limited to a lack of physical evidence on the ground and sometimes incorrect legal information provided in the record department of the county clerk’s office.


Paul Roggeman with his land surveying intrument.

30 years of producing high quality surveys for my clients is easy because I love the work.

As a licensed land surveyor, I am required to gather all physical, parole or legal information available and apply that information to the process of determining the client’s true boundary lines. The tougher the challenge, the more I love the work. 

That’s because I enjoy my profession immensely and I bring all of my years experience and knowledge to every survey I perform.