Impeccable Land Surveying Down to The Last Degree

Because there's a lot riding on your survey being accurate.

I’m Paul Roggeman an expert land surveyor with over 30 years’ experience determining and measuring property lines in Orange, Sullivan and Ulster Counties, New York.

If you want a boundary line dertermination that will stand the test of time, then I can help you.

Mortgage Surveys

Mortgage surveys are an integral component of the process of securing a mortgage for your home. My complete and precise work will help take you to this important objective.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary surveys are the most central part of the practice of land surveying. The determination of property lines is a service only a licensed surveyor can perform for their clients.

Title Surveys

Title Companies and lenders often request a boundary survey to confirm the details of property title. The boundary survey will determine if there are any issues with the title, such as encroachments or easements.

If your land survey isn't mapped out with precision, a title company will tear it apart, which could be a deal killer.

Avoid unnecessary hassles. Have your mortgage or title survey done correctly so it will hold up and not cause problems for you down the road.

"The point of beginning" for your property starts with accurate boundary line determination.

Sometimes boundary lines can fade with time, creating a complex puzzle to be solved. 

If you don't look at the puzzle in an in-depth way, you can get yourself in trouble. 

That's when knowledge and experience win. When you hire me for your survey, it will be precise and it will endure for generations. 

Paul Roggeeman with his surveying tool